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Sesame Salmon Noodles

150g       Soy Broth            

140g       Salmon Fillet                           

60g         Egg Noodles         

50g         Broccoli                 

40g         Pak Choi                

25g         Snow Peas             

20g         Beansprouts          

15g         Oil Rapeseed         

5g           Corriander               

1g           Sesame Seeds        


Gluten, Fish, Sesame, Egg, Molluscs, Soya



Remove any bones from the salmon portion.


Marinade in 20 ml of the cold broth over night


Cook and drain and chill the egg noodles,


Slice the vegetables,


Add half the quantity of  oil to the pan and heat, remove salmon from broth and pat dry on clean paper. place salmon skin side done in the oil and cook until the skin is crisp, turn the salmon and reduce the heat and cook until a core temperature above 72 degrees is reached


Add remaining oil to a clean pan and quickly stir fry the sliced vegetables until crunchy


Once the vegetables are crisp add the noodles and gently warm, add sesame seeds and chopped coriander .


Reheat the broth


Place the salmon on the nest of noodles and crisp vegetables and serve the broth separately

IMG_3663 Salmon.jpg

Calories    183Kcal/100g

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